KPlus+LMS Edu gives academic institutions an LMS that goes beyond just playing course content. KPlus+LMS Edu is modeled from workflows established within institutions from grade school all the way to the university. This involved adding grading capabilities, attendance tracking, and a comprehensive list of reporting features. Our solution works for academic institutions that want only a blended instructional approach or a complete overhaul which involve moving entirely to the online model. We offer two education specific solutions for academics

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KPlus+LMS EDU Standard Access

KPlus+LMS EDU Standard Access is our flagship solution for educational institutions that are looking for an LMS primarily for content delivery needs only.This means all lessons, quizzes, tests, grade calculation is delivered through the LMS. This is an excellent for schools that intend to manage student registration,payment and account management outside of the LMS using either manual processes or a separate system. Faculty will be responsible for creating accounts and approving access for students to the courses created within the LMS.
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KPlus+LMS EDU Open Access

The KPlus+LMS EDU Open Access solution is for institutions that want students to be able self enroll into courses further easing the administration of student registrations. Likely scenarios would be a Distance Learning Institution that accepts enrollment and payments for online courses and programs.
Demo the KPlus+LMS EDU Open Access

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