Online education and the monitization of this industry has opened doors for lecturers and instructional designers alike. Our E-Commerce solution enables organizations to be able to sell individual courses or sell access to their course library.

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KPlus+LMS Ala Carte

KPlus+LMS E-Commerce has two model options. Ala Carte or Subscription based. Both models cannot be enabled at the same time. Only one type can be active. You can accept both credit card or Paypal payments from your customers. When courses are sold as an Ala Carte, courses are sold individually. You have the ability to limit access of purchased course to a particular time frame or make course ownership permanent. Udemy( is a perfect example of that model.
The E-Commerce solution also offers a subscription model where your users will pay either monthly or annually to access your entire online course library. A similar model to this is
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