Streamlined and Flawless Course Production Services

We couple our LMS platform with an available Content Authoring services for clients looking to outsource their course development projects. Our staff includes subject matter experts in core K-12 subjects, Enterprise Technology, Occupational Health, Healthcare, Energy, Business Law and many others.

Lead course development from conception to deployment
We utilize motion graphics and other forms of visual tools to optimize learning
Manage both audio and video Production
We have highly knowledgeable and effective lecturers 
We can Offering multiple delivery formats such as Online Video,Powerpoint,PDF, & HTML5
We foster a collaborative working relationship with existing client teams

As purchasers of the service, you are given exclusive ownership rights to any courses created under the service. This means you own the courses and control the distribution of that content. An alternative to this is where Knowledge Plus+LMS waves all initial costs for content creation, but the school will pay a separate subscription fee for access to the courses. In doing so, Knowledge Plus+LMS retains full ownership and distribution of the created courses.