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Create as many courses as you wish & scale your student registration demands as needed.

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We offer both annual and monthly payment schedules for organizations with varying payment requirements.


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Instructional designers, presenters and subject matter experts ready to package your courses.

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Core Product Features

The manner in how you deliver the course is almost entirely up to you. The dominant format for self-paced courses is online video, but our LMS also supports the use of HTML5 for use in simulation programs, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, PDF or excel. The files can be easily uploaded for each lesson and require no special configuration on the LMS side.
It does not stop there. Our LMS comes power packed with a built-in web conferencing solution that make online live courses a possibility. They great thing is it comes at no extra cost and is covered as part of your active subscription.


Using our integrated web conferencing tool, you can conduct live virtual courses for employees anywhere in the world. No more paying high licensing fees with Web conferencing vendors. Everything is integrated within the LMS and covered as part of your subscription.



Many of our competitors set course count limits based on a certain purchased level. Our LMS has no such limits. As part of your one team size subscription, you and your staff have the means to create as little or as many courses you like. We want to be able to unlock your potential to reach as many students has necessary.



The new HTML5 standard brings limitless potential for the way content is viewed and utilized on the web. Our platform does support Adobe Captivate files rendered in HTML5 format. This means you can deploy interactive simulation programs directly into the LMS further enhancing the learning experience.


No LMS is complete without integrated quizzing and testing capability. All tests and quizzes are to be associated with an already created course. Creating quizzes and exams is a fairly simple within the LMS. You can create both true/false, multiple choice and long answer questions. Along with that are a number of test configuration options available such as grading, case sensitivity, and points.


An LMS is a big investment and as advocates for our LMS we want our customers to be able to realize the return of their investment through in-depth reporting. Our solutions each offer reporting that allows organizations to aggregate the effectiveness of their online learning programs. Within each of the three types of solutions, we created reports in accordance to workflows that are ideal for each type of organization. Whether you are capturing student performance, attendance records, participation or course sales, each organization will have all the information they need to get the most out of their subscription.


Online education and the monitization of this industry has opened doors for many skilled practitioners and instructional designers alike. Our E-Commerce solution enables organizations to be able to sell individual courses or sell access to their course library through subscriptions. You have the option of accepting credit card or paypal payments from your customers.


Every subscribing organization, regardless of solution can designate one or more individuals to serve as the LMS administrator and other site management roles. The LMS makes use of a comprehensive Control Panel for complete site management. This includes the creation of courses, managing courses, tracking students, grades, quizzes and much more.


Each site can choose their own color theme and can upload their own logos. Changes to the global color theme and logo updates the entire site.


About the Company

Knowledge Plus+LMS originally started as an online education service provider for technology professionals looking for affordable technology focused education. As we started to partner with organizations, a growing demand for them to utilize our platform to host their own courses took shape